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khi nok, among other things

This little fruit is such a delight– and has quickly become one of my favorites in Thailand. Peel back the fruit’s leathery shell to reveal the milky-white segments of the longkong flesh. The fruit is divided into segments, much like an orange. The flavor is subtly acidic with a rich, sweet finish. Julia Morton, author of “Fruits of Warm Climates,” describes the taste as a cross between a concord grape and a perfect grapefruit. However, if you happen to crunch on one of the seeds, you are in for an extreme example of bitterness. The texture of the fruit is unreal– it feels quite smooth on your teeth and tongue, perfectly lush. Just describing these guys makes my mouth water. Thais use a pinching technique to open the fruit so that they don’t get sap on their fingers. My opening technique, however, is all knees and elbows, and I inevitably end up sticky. In a Thai street market longkong run about ฿40 per kilo (roughly $1.30 for 2.2lbs).


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