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khi nok, among other things

Went to the market today to people watch and browse the extensive assortment of goods. Today was (still is, in fact) lawn mak!* I snapped a few photos before heading back to my village to teach American culture and conversation to my friend.

Street stall at Sikhiu's "Tuesday Market"

After class, I skimmed news headlines– trying to keep up to date with world events. I came across an article title that made me want to spit: “Yale Suspends Fraternity For Raunchy Chants.”  Raunchy? Seriously? More like “sexist,” “pro-rape,” “hostile.” The content was a significant improvement over the absolutely offensive title: Yale decided to suspend Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) in the wake of being investigated for Title IX violations (DKE chanted pro-rape sentiments around Yale’s campus as part of rush). Last year, another Yale fraternity held up signs in front of the Yale’s Women’s Center that read “We love Yale sluts.”  I am glad that Yale finally acted– but, it is unfortunate that it took multiple incidents, many complaints, a Youtube video, and a federal investigation to spur a result. It is my hope that this investigation into Yale’s complacency regarding sexual hostility will force other universities to ensure that their campuses are free from discrimination and sexism. NPR notes,  “according to the Justice Department, 1 in 5 college women will become a victim of rape or attempted rape. But student perpetrators often face little or no punishment from school administrations.” You can read more about the Yale investigation at

There, of course, were other articles that infuriated me– but I won’t recount any more today (phew, right?). I guess having limited access to current events can lead to frustration and long-winded diatribes…

* Very hot


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