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khi nok, among other things

A Sikhiu resident brought the Shine Café regulars a basket of ma-muang* that he grew in his garden. This type of ma-muang has no fragrance prior to being cut and is quite hard– even when ripe. They are fairly large and heavy, and unlike most other ma-muang, are round in shape. Golf, the barista at Shine Café, prepared the ma-muang for us, as cutting them is no easy feat. They are a crunchy and not at all juicy, with a texture similar to that of apples. The flavor balances between lightly sour and lightly sweet. This ma-muang species is subtly reminiscent (in flavor) of the mangoes you’d buy in America, but it is ultimately more like a crisp apple shot with mango perfume. Alloy mak!**

Munching on some ma-muang. Alloy Mak!

Prepared by Golf, "barista" at Shine Café


**Very delicious!


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