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khi nok, among other things

Sounds like fun, right? Oh– don’t roll your eyes at your computer screen. This post is multipronged: You get to see where I live (neat-o), you get to see what Thai architecture looks like in my village, and (perhaps most importantly) you get to see my dog, Sigma.

(1.) Do I live in this Thai Bahn?

(2.) Or in this extravagant piece of architecture?

(3.) This one?
(4.) Or do I live in this citrus beauty?

Which house do I live in: (1.) Bahn Sii Keeow, (2.) Bahn Banoch, (3.) Bahn Sii Beige, or (4) Bahn Sii Luang?

If you happened to guess house number 2, you are wrong– but it does happen to be Sigma’s favorite bahn in the village. Those who guessed house number 3 can give themselves a cookie as that is the fabulous bahn Thai1 where I lay my hat. No, it is not as colorful (on the outside) as the others– but it is comfortable and rather spacious. The interior of my house features lime green walls, two hongnoon2, two full hongnam3, a living/dining room, and a kitchen– all this for only ฿4,000 per month (roughly $120). ฿4,000 is mai pang4 for Westerners who are used to astronomical housing prices, but it is actually rather pang5 for Thais who earn an average salary of ฿12,000 per month ($360). Thais usually pay around ฿1,500 per month for rent ($45).

Here are some more pics from around my village:

Candy-colored houses

Building a house-- with bamboo & concrete

Quiz Translations: (1.) Green house, (2.) Red-neck house, (3.) Beige house, (4.) Yellow house.

1. Thai house

2. Bedroom

3. Bathroom

4. Inexpensive

5. Expensive


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