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khi nok, among other things

In Thai ghost-lore, if you are an abusive son or daughter (or if you have committed parricide), you will become the unfortunate pii braed when you die. What’s pii braed, you ask? Well, it is, quite simply, a giant, lanky ghost. The crimes you committed against your parents will determine your ghost-body’s bizarre proportions. For instance, if you were known to hit your mother, your ghost will have apishly-long arms with giant, heavy hands. If you were one to kick your father, your ghost’s legs will be towering and stilt-like and your feet, enormous. In addition to having a distorted corporeal body, the pii braed features a sucker-like mouth, much like the lamprey’s oral disk.

I’m not quite sure of the reason behind pii braed‘s small suckermouth, although, I’ve certainly asked enough Thais about it. The best we can figure is that the mouth inhibits the pii braed from ever being satiated by food or drink– some last ditch punishment from the spirit-world for being a horrendous son or daughter. It is worth mentioning that in Thailand (as in many Asian societies), respect for one’s elders is a major part of the cultural fabric. This ghost-story is meant to teach children to respect one’s parents, to never abuse them, to never kill them– lest you become a homely pii braed.

The following is a video of pii braed caught on cellphone!


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